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To Deliver Customer Care to World-Class Brands


What is Global Work Solution?

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Global Work Solution is a service of C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC. C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC is a 5 start marketing - design agency, business resource center & registered IBO that provides job opportunities nationwide opportunities, through Arise Virtual Solutions. 


Our agents are able to provide customer service for Fortune 500 and 1,000 companies on their own schedule. We are industry-leading customer care and technical support service provider to some of America’s most trusted brands!



All CSP 'work-from-home' agents are independent contractors/ sole - proprietor agents.

All our agents must reside in the United States, fluent in English (or bilingual), have versatile skill sets, hard-wired internet access, a quiet work environment, and always eager to learn new things!

CSP agents can work full-time or part-time. There are no hidden costs, management or equipment fees. Additional service fees may apply. 

Get paid up to $16 per hour!

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Who We Are

14 Benefits of Working Virtually!

Service Benefis

   Flexible Work Schedule

   Frequent Work Opportunities

   Work Virtually & Remotely

   No micro-managing

   Zero - Commuting

   Zero office distractions

   Save Money!

 More Time With Family / Friends

 More Productivity

 Work / Home Balance

 No Overhead Costs


Reduced Stress

Some tax advantages​

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At CBMRSC, we are your one-stop-shop for marketing - design, business development, and global work solutions.

We are committed to providing suitable, qualified products, services & opportunities for all people. 

Required Service Equipment 


Here is a general list of the equipment needed to service on the Arise platform. Specific equipment requirements could vary per client opportunity. 

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Laptop or Desktop

A desktop computer or laptop is required to work from home.

headset 1.PNG

Office Phone

This style of phone and headset is usually always required with a majority of our clients.

Green Ethernet Cable

Hard - Wired Internet

Most of our clients do NOT accept wifi as an efficient internet connection.


USB Headset

Sometimes required for

training classes.

  Please check with your specific client requirements to be sure. 

Landline telephone ,Wireline home phone

Landline or VOIP

A landline or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone) will be required to service clients. 

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Quiet Home Office

A quiet office or work space free from all outside noise and disturbances is required.

Click on the button above to begin your journey as a new agent!

The People Behind C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC 

C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC  was created by Cynthia Videau to give business owners MORE time to focus on their business and LESS time being frustrated with everyday miscellaneous business needs & tasks.


At C.Beyond we administer a straight forward approach in our business practices and consistent customer satisfaction.  

"Business owners having more time to dedicate to the vision of their business is very important and we can help alleviate some of the stress that growing a business has." - Cynthia V.

Business Development Services:

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Advertising

  • Marketing Plans​

  • Business Funding Opportunities

  • Legal Aid & Support

  • Global Work Solutions

Work From Home

Refer Others & Earn Bonus

* Earn $25.00 for each of your new referrals

  1. Your referral must have a newly issued User ID provided during the admissions process

  2. Attend and complete the client certification course

  3. Complete the initial certification contract (typically 45 days in length)

If the above criteria is met, the referral bonus will be paid, via invoice as part of the normal payroll processing.  This invoice will contain your referrals details to let you know which referral earned you the cash!


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