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Tips on Creating a Work at Home Space you Love!

Having a home-based office has it’s benefits and one of those benefits is creating a work environment that is most suitable for your productivity. Being equipped with the perfect at-home set up will give you a head start on each work day and propel you towards home-based business success!

Set the tone. Paint the walls a color you love. Whether it’s a vibrant yellow or a calming foam green, choose a color that will motivate you to tackle tasks and perform to your best ability.

Invest in great ergonomics.  You’ll be spending lots of time in your home-based office. Investing in a great chair, desk, keyboard and mouse is vital for your success.

Office Depot sells great & affordable brands you'll love!

Pro Tip: If your at home office space permits, investing in a dual-monitor setup will help with proficiency while working from home!

Organization is key. Most home offices are not very spacious so the best way to take advantage of the space you do have is to stay as organized as possible. For you that could mean having designated drawers or maybe you are someone that finds value in a filing system.

Set Boundaries. Because you will be spending many hours in your home office, this space should be one of little distraction and provide you with a quiet work environment. Ideally, this would mean a room that would be closed off with a door but if that is not an option, there are DIY partitions that can be found right online!

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